Become the Master of Your Life’s Movement

WHO IS THE BOOK FOR? Psychotherapists, coaches, and motivated individuals.


is a lifelong program that grows the capacity to manage change and provide a guide for self-directed wellbeing. The result is women and men who can roll with whatever life hands them and know every day what they need to do to create their best life possible.

Why Did You Write The Book?

It had to be written.


cuts through the plentitude of wellness and well-being information out there, much of which is helpful but overwhelming. It can be difficult discover what can help you.


provides the tools and information to take any situation, explore it, prioritize action items, personalize it, and move confidently forward.

How Is It Different From Other Self-Help Books?


is a way of healthy living that can be individualized for and by each person. This is not a one-size-fits-all program, but a recipe that can be personalized for each person’s needs and desires.

Book Description

Change is often NOT easy to create or survive. Most people slog along from day-to-day until their proverbial boat gets leaks – or worse, sinks. Be prepared for life storms using the




is a step-by-step process that easily looks at the big picture of your life, problem solves, visions your dreams, plans, creates action and feedback, and guides and enhances your daily dance of life.



’s Self-Directed Well-Being approach, you are invited to create your LifeDance now, and savor your applause!

For counselors, life coaches and psychotherapists


is a tool you can use for yourself and with clients to teach self-management and self-directed well-being skills. The book and workbook are tools you can use in a crisis, as well as life- and future-building moments.

Discover the


Master Class and the



Become the Master of Your Life’s Movement with


Life is a dance of constant change.

But change doesn’t have to be a challenge. In every life, we dance with joy and sorrow, beauty and horror, tribulation and peace. Learn how to move masterfully through them all.

Your life can be a beautiful choreography, where you are the master of life’s movement.

It is your choice!

In this friendly, wise and practical guide, you’ll find simple ways to live in harmony with all around you, to be in the world but not controlled by it.

Packed with engaging tools and exercises,


welcomes you into a world of integrated ideas, skills and information that psychotherapist Linda L. Lawless has gathered from more 30 years of her own and others’ LifeDance successes.

Through a step-by-step process, you will learn how to develop and refine a practice of moving through life.


is for anyone who has stumbled when change comes along, no matter the life arena.

This book guides you through four steps beginning with discovering your Authentic Dancer:
  • Turning In takes you into the Dance of Self and the Dance of Story.
  • Turning Out takes you into the Dance of Vision and Purpose. In this section, you will create your LifeDance Design Guide, a template you can use to build the framework of your life. Explore how to tap into your values, master goal-setting skills, and put your goals into motion. Then you’ll develop a Dance of Strategy, using MindMaps. And finally, you’ll integrate these tools into the Dance of Solutions, with practical tips on problem solving using an integrative approach.
  • In the Taking the Stage section, you’ll go deeper into the Dance Arenas, mastering different realms of your life, using a series of assessments:
  • Body Awareness

    This chapter helps you move with your body and be with your body through self-care. You will tell the story of your body – from your body’s perspective.
  • The Mind Of The Dancer

    This chapter discusses mindfulness, consciousness and integrated perception and provides mental fitness exercises.
  • Emotions

    This chapter helps you define your emotional intelligence, glean the importance of emotional narrative and identify your emotional tipping points.
  • Dancing With Spirit

    Tell your spiritual story, then implement three foundational spiritual practices – meditation, sacred space and community.
  • Relationships

    The quality of your relationships begins with your relationship to self. In this chapter, you’ll work with your shadow side, plus delve into practical steps for better romantic relationships.
  • Work As An Expression Of Self

    This chapter helps you identify in your own life when you have been performing a job, doing a career or answering a calling. You’ll write your work story, using a work story grid, and you’ll gain 13 practices for remaining mindful through your workday, whether you are at a job, career or calling.
  • Home As The Heart Of The Dancer

    Define what is home for you, do inventory of your environments (physical and emotional), then create your ideal inner home.
  • Wholeness

    This chapter will set the foundation for your future beyond this book, with a LifePlan Worksheet.
  • Performing

    In the Performing section, you’ll gain mastery, using the techniques of Harmonic Organization and practicing ways to ride – and glide – through change. You’ll see that the change that once unraveled you now is something to dance through – gracefully.
With the book, you get directions on how to download the accompanying Master Class Workbook and


Journal. The MasterClass Workbook deepens and expands your exploration through practical worksheets. The


Journal is a guided journal that serves as a companion to this dance.


is for everyone who wonders how to experience joy in their life.

For counselors, life coaches and psychotherapists


is a tool you can use with clients to teach self-management and self-directed well-being skills. There are tools you can teach clients to use in a crisis, as well as a life and future building moments.

Join the dance now, and savor the applause!

FAQ Sheet

What approaches or techniques do you recommend in your book?
  • Mindful Based Stress Reduction MBSR
  • Positive Psychology
  • Meditation
  • Self-Management
  • ReFraming
  • Visioning
  • And much more

Tips Sheets

  • The Dance of Love - How to Create a Loving Valentine’s Day on Your Own
  • Why I Use Hummingbird Pictures
  • To S/He or Not to S/he?
  • Your Life is YOUR Curriculum
Available For Interviews

How you can use LD to change your life for individual populations

  • Living from the Inside Out
  • Becoming a Master Problem Solver
  • Taking control of your well-being
  • Learning How to Roll and Land on Your Feet - No Matter WHAT

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About The Author

Linda, the Author of LifeDancing Linda L. Lawless, LMFT, LMHC, a professional in the mental health field for 30+ years, has a personal mission to mainstream mental health, remove the stigma of mental illness, and provide tools for wellness using self-directed wellbeing. Her book


- Mastering Life’s Movement, along with its companion Master Class and Journal, provides a set of tools and way of living that creates and supports optimal well-being. She practices in Benicia, Cailfornia, and works and plays aboard her yacht,


in Vallejo, California. (more)

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