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It’s easy to buy a book but it is much more work to read it and complete the exercises and assessments. That’s why I’ve created the


Learning Center to support you in creating your best life possible. As you use the tutorial described below you’ll begin to open yourself to new ways of being that will enhance your everyday Dance of Life.

When you design the life that grows your authentic self you’ll discover how much easier it is to be true to yourself. You’ll become a role model for those you love and all who dance with you. You’ll wake up every morning motivated to create a life worth living.

You’ll learn new ways of managing your life and start down the path of self-directed well-being and wholistic fitness. Begin becoming your own true north.
  • This tutorial with coaching support lasts for 90 days and begins the moment you sign up. Of course you’ll be able to keep all of the materials for a lifetime. The texts for this program, which are included in the cost, are:

  • LifeDancing

    - Mastering Life’s Movement

  • LifeDancing

    Master Class

  • LifeDancing


Here’s what you will discover and learn over the next 90 days.

The Authentic Dancer - Turning In - Get Clear About Who YOU Are
  • What is the Self and why do you need one?
  • How do you discover what makes you unique?
  • Discover the story you have about yourself and how it drives your choices. Also know,you can always change the “story” you have about yourself.
  • Become your own best audience. Learn how to appreciate yourself and have compassion for your bruised knees.

The Authentic Dancer - Turning Out - Your Reason for BEING
  • Discover or create your Life Mission, Vision and your Purpose for living.
  • Start a Design Guide for all arenas of your life.
  • How to create SMART Goals for every aspect of your life.
  • Learn how to use your best success strategies.

Facing Obstacles Head On (With Support)

  • Turn obstacles into opportunities with Wholistic Integrative Problem-Solving
    • There’s nothing you can’t change
Unpacking and Optimizing the Arenas of Your Life
Assess each of the following and create new life goals:
  • Body
  • Mind
  • Emotions
  • Spirit
  • Relationships
  • Work
  • Home Base
Mastering Your Life’s Movement
  • Harmonic Organization
  • Riding Change
  • Creating Wholeness and Life Integration
  • The Path of Excellence - Continuous Quality Improvement
  • The Art of Happiness - Learning to Flourish
Each section above includes reading assignments, self-assessments, and audio or video tutorials that are yours to keep forever. More importantly you’ll receive support in a private Facebook Group and weekly open office consultation and coaching hours.

To determine if this learning experience is a good match for you let’s

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